28 September 2008

"TEHRAN MARKET" - sightseeing in Iran

Scents scatter in mosaic square
Bright colours overflow the stands
Carrots elbow aubergines
Rotkohl rest on riotous herbs
Apples vie with golden pears
Grapes accost cucumbers
Rows of fish glisten coolly
Fat red carcasses hang majestically
Olives in glass jars jostle to stare
At baskets heaped with fruit and nut
Flatbreads made in flour dusted shops
Iced pomegranate and baked beetroot
Beckon from tiny streetside stalls
Free spirits pierce their dark garb
Warm smiles light up guarded looks
Open hearts overrule covered heads
To tell the story of Tehran.


24 January 2008

"BROTHER" - about dying, and having lived fully

Still you lie
With enigmatic smile
A whisper away
A universe apart
Your family bereaved

Generous heart
Made a mark
Playful prince
Missed by friends
Husband, father
Cheated by time
Favourite son
Who blames a mother?

I never got to know
Till late in the day
Night came too soon
But rest well
And God bless
My brother